Bowls! Rice & Noodle Bowls for easy Meal Prep!

I am obsessed with bowls!  Rice bowls, Noodle bowls, Quinoa bowls, Poke bowls, Soup bowls, Salad bowls…you name the bowl and I will love it.  I love that you can create your own mix of ingredients when it comes to “bowls” so that everyone is unique and just exactly what you want.  I also love that they can get you to try new ingredients and flavors.

I have been making these at home on my nights off from recipe development and experimentation, but I’m asking myself WHY not share these?  I suppose the biggest reason is that they should really be customized to YOU and your likes/dislikes.  But here is my tip for this week.  If you have picky eaters or if you have family members that eat at different times throughout the night, then make-your-own bowls are perfect for you.  Here is what you do…

1)   Pick a theme – Asian, Mexican, Italian, etc.
2)  Prepare the ingredients for cooking over the weekend – or just on a less hectic day/night
3)  Cook the hot/cold ingredients and place in glass storage containers
4)  Let everyone make their own in dinner seating #1 (immediately after cooking)
5)  Put storage containers in fridge and then people eating in dinner seating #2 can simply pull out the ingredients, make their bowl and reheat it

For Mexican Bowls, I like to have rice, mexican spiced beef/pork/chicken, black beans, sliced radishes, tomato, scallion/onion, cheese, sour cream, broken tortilla chips.

For Asian Rice/Noodle Bowls, I like to have rice or rice noodles, soy/sesame/ginger broth, scallion, chicken, various stir fried veggies (carrots/sprouts/cabbage/broccoli/celery), wonton chips.
Here are some links to some of my favorite Bowl Recipes!

These are just ideas, it’s really up to you to have fun with it.  AND, include your kids!  If they help to pick out the ingredients and prepare them, they are more likely to eat them.

Please share your tips and ideas!

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