Carrie Tyler of www.TalkingMeals.com is a food enthusiast, recipe developer, former caterer, entrepreneur, and mom to 2 girls.

Hi and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Carrie Tyler.  I’m a food enthusiast, recipe developer, former caterer, entrepreneur, wife to a loving husband, and mom to two beautiful little girls. 

Talking Meals is my blog and a place to share my recipes with you.  I believe food should be approachable and delicious and as a busy mom, it MUST BE EASY!  My recipes focus on balanced comfort foods with a healthy twist. But no matter what, they must be yummy and easy to make!!

Food gets people talking and connecting which fosters relationships which is what life and happiness are all about!  A great meal can feed not just the body but also the soul when it’s shared with others.

As a busy mom, I know how challenging it can be sometimes to plan out and then cook dinners during the crazy week.  However, with a little planning and prepping ahead with EASY but really comforting, nutritionally balanced and delicious recipes, YOU CAN DO IT!  I promise.  I’m on a mission to get more people cooking and eating at home, so I hope you enjoy this site and share your inspiration too!


A Little More About Me
I am so blessed to have a very full life today.  However, I haven’t always fully enjoyed life along the way.  Looking back I can confidently say that my priorities most of my life were totally out of whack!  Misguided goals of money and title kept my world small and inward looking.  It was always about me and I was focused on the end goal vs. the journey to get there.  After some real soul searching about what’s important in life, I learned to really appreciate the small things, understand what makes me and others shine, and embrace all that life tosses my way.  Today, I truly enjoy my life and fill it with a new-found spirituality, people, and things that make me happy.

Food is one of those things!  I love planning and thinking about food, reading about and looking at food, and COOKING food!  I want to help others to embrace all that life has to offer and bring more cooking into the mix!  I have always cooked meals at home, starting as a child in my mom’s kitchen.  I can remember very little, putting ingredients in their individual bowls so I could pretend I was on a cooking show.  A favorite was making stir fry egg noodles.

in 2001, I moved from a suburb of Chicago to New York City to become an “important business woman” and worked in Marketing for years (business woman? yes.  important? questionable), met my husband and was married, then quit my job to pursue a dream in food…I started a catering business called Carrie’s Catering (so original!).  For 4 years, I had a small, but successful catering career in NYC.  I loved it!

I ultimately closed my business down in 2010 after the birth of my first daughter because it was a nights-and-weekends career and that’s just not what I wanted at the time.  I went back to working for large corporations in Marketing and I did that for years…until MAY, 2018. 

Why I started this website
As I mentioned earlier, I spent years selfishly focused on me and superficial goals.  I felt like something was missing in my life and came to realize two important things.  First, I wasn’t passionate about my job.  I was passionate about food and sharing that food with others.  Second, I didn’t feel like I was helping anyone.  I wanted to give back, to be a service, to put smiles on faces.  So, I started this blog, Talking Meals as a way to share food with others and in May of 2018, I left my corporate job to take the scary leap into the blogging world full time. 

I  believe that when people eat together in their home it not only feeds their bodies, it feeds their souls and nurtures open and loving relationships.  In my house, those relationships are with my husband of 11 years, David, and my two daughters, Daniela 8 and Alexa 5.


Prep Ahead & DIY Weekly Meal “Kits” 
This past year, I tried my first meal kit delivery and fell in love with the meal kit concept – all ingredients for 3 recipes/meals in 1 box with detailed instructions.  However, the vendors I was trying didn’t actually prep the ingredients.  I realized that I was already sort-of doing this at home – planning out a few meals, buying all the ingredients, then prepping things on the weekend for the week.  Everything is cut, chopped, diced, marinated, and then grouped together in the fridge, so on the week night, I simply grab, toss on a pan and cook!  If more moms did this, I bet dinners would be less stressful.  So, I try to provide instructions for preparing ingredients ahead in all of my recipes for you!

This pas want to help more people cook or just eat more meals at home!  And TalkingMeals.com is my way to help.  I hope you enjoy the site and its content, share in the discussions, cook more, and join in my eat-at-home movement!

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