Weekly Meal Plans


Planning dinners doesn’t have to be overwhelming and if done right, really can make your life easier and filled with more fun cooking and eating at home!

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Here are my tips for starting your own weekly meal plans:
  • First download and print this helpful template!
  • Then CLICK HERE to get more tips and tricks for Planning and Prepping your Meals ahead of time!


Each weekly meal plan has 3 delicious meals with common ingredients, but completely different tastes and experiences.  No more meal planning stress, just more fun eating at home!  
  • Simple.  1 shopping list, prep-ahead instructions, 3 easy meal recipes for 2+ people
  • Less Waste.  Weekly recipes use same ingredients in completely different ways
  • Fun!  Fun to prepare, fun to share, fun to eat!
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Quinoa Recipe Week
Detox Week
Slow Cooker Pork Week
Basil Blowout Week
Awesome Artichokes Week
Loving Lentils Week
Multi-Talented Eggs Week
Mediterranean Flank Steak with Kale & Feta Cauliflower Rice is a delicious Mediterranean-inspired recipe with a flavorful garlic-oregano-rubbed flank steak on top of delicious cauliflower “rice”. To finish it off, a cool and bright Lemon & Garlic Yogurt Sauce.
Flank Steak & Kale Week