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Define your blog’s Brand Positioning to drive more return user traffic, engagement, and loyalty!

Brand Positioning WILL help to

Reduce Time, Cost, Churn



Returning User Traffic

Ad revenue


Product Sales

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

“I’m so far down in the weeds of daily blogging, that I cannot step back to take a look at the big picture?”

Or how about…

“I have so many new recipe ideas, I have no idea which one to focus on?”

Or lastly…

“Why can’t I grow my audience (email list, return visitors, social media, etc.)?”


I get it!

Food Blogging is detailed business


As entrepreneurs, we try to figure everything out.

As food bloggers, we have a boat load of things to figure out!

We don’t usually make much money at first, so we try to do everything ourselves.

I get it! I did (and still do) this too.

But, I was able to pull back, out of the weeds, long enough to look at the big picture.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in managing Consumer Brands for large corporations,  I could develop, refine, and articulate my Brand Positioning and Strategy.

Now I want to help you do that too!

That’s why I created Food Blogger Brand House Model and Positioning Coaching


EVERY successful consumer brand first develops a BRAND POSITION

Your Blog is a BRAND.

Brand Positioning and the Brand House Model will define your messaging, content focus, and so much more. 

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