Talking Meals 30 Easy Family Dinners Cookbook eBook FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

All recipes in this cookbook fall into one of these categories: make in 30 minutes, one pot/pan, or can be mostly prepped in advance.  

  • There are 21 recipes that take only 30 minutes to prep and cook.  They are broken out into Chicken, Beef/Pork, Seafood, and Meatless.
  • There are 9 more recipes that take between 40 minutes to an hour.  However, these are still easy to make !  Some are one pot/pan dishes or simply take a bit longer to simmer or bake in the oven.

A solution to stressful family dinners! This book is designed to be easy and actionable so that from day 1 you can start to plan and prep specifically for your family.

It is broken out into easy-to-digest (pun intended) chapters. First, I walk you through the easy steps to Kickstart Meal Planning. Then I teach you easy and actionable strategies and steps for Meal Prep, including organizing your kitchen, efficient grocery shopping techniques, and then meal prepping techniques and tips. Then I have a section on ingredients. Finally, the recipes are organized by protein and cooking time – with the majority taking 30 minutes!

The recipes in this book are healthy-ish. That means they are complete balanced meals providing your family with the nutrients, macronutrients, and vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In general, lean proteins and lower amounts of high calorie ingredients are used. However, my food philosophy is everything in moderation. So, yes, you will see cheese and olive oil and other ingredients that can add tremendous flavor. But they are added at minimum and in moderation. ***You should consult a doctor before making any health or dietary changes, especially any changes related to a specific diagnosis or condition. No information in this cookbook should be relied upon to determine diet, make a medical diagnosis, or determine treatment for a medical condition.***

Of course, every child is different, but all of the recipes in this cookbook were developed with kids in mind and tested with families with kids of all ages.  Many parents said how amazed they were that their kids tried some new foods and really loved them! 

I have found when working with buy families, including the kids in the planning and prepping of dinners can help get them to try new foods! 

Yes! In fact, they can take even less time on the night you cook them if you do the prep a day or more ahead! That said, I realize that we all having varying levels of experience with food prep. Chopping an onion may take me 1 minute and may take you 5 minutes. I also recognize that there are MANY disruptions to the flow of making dinners. I often have to pause to help with a homework question or break up a fight between my girls.

Therefore, I have given you an ingredient prep section in this book. I highly suggest printing it out and referencing it when prepping ingredients for the tips and suggestions for easy prep. I also HIGHLY recommend prepping ingredients on Sunday for any new recipes that you plan to make during the week. Dice the onions and carrots, measure out the rice, make the seasoning blend. This will help you immensely on a busy weeknight after a long day.

Each recipe has 4 adult-size servings.  So, if you have 2 adults and 2 small kids that eat less, then you may have leftovers.  You can adjust the ingredients most easily by cutting it in half or doubling it.  However, each recipe makes a fantastic lunch or second dinner the next day if you have leftovers!

Yes, I have used ingredients that can all be found in your local grocery store.  I also have a section before the recipes, called Prepping Tips for Recipes, where I give you tips for easy prep and list out each ingredient to help you with any questions.

Yes, this is a downloadable pdf file, so you can save it to your computer, phone, or ipad.  You can then view it on your device or print any pages you want  There is also a Table of Contents that is linked to each page.  So, if you want to go straight to specific recipe, just click the recipe title and the link will take you to that page in the eBook pdf.    .

Many of the recipes do have milk or cheese.  However, you can substitute milk for a dairy-free alternative, such as oat, almond, or soy milk.  I do love cheese and it shows in quite a few recipes, so if cheese is not for you, then this Cookbook might not be the best fit.  

If you decide that this cookbook was just not for you and you are unhappy with your purchase, simply email me at and I would be more than happy to help you out or provide you a refund.


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