Food for Thought: Talking Gratitude

Hi there!  I’m not sure who I am writing to with this post, perhaps just to myself.  But even if I am the only person that ever reads this particular post, it will be one of the most important  posts for me. No matter what you do in life, understanding your purpose, your WHY behind is critical to bringing meaning behind it. As a food blogger, I am competing with thousands of other blogs and understanding why I do this helps me to differentiate and to find my brand voice. For me, that purpose is GRATITUDE.

Sometimes, I get distracted and can stray from my true purpose.  Today I remembered my purpose with Talking Meals.  Remembering Gratitude and sharing that Gratitude is my WHY, my PURPOSE  and ultimately, what will set Talking Meals apart from any other food site.

When I think back to why I woke up one day not feeling happy a few years back, it was because I had lost (or maybe never really had) gratitude.   Why I started Talking Meals to begin with?  It was all about vowing to be grateful every day.  Talking Meals is a way for me to experience and enjoy my passion, cooking and food, and to share it with others, both of which are continual reminders to be grateful.

One of the challenges with starting a new business, blog, or brand, in my case Talking Meals, is finding a point of difference, an identity that is truly differentiated from others.  With blogs, the person writing the blog and his/her experiences can be that differentiator, but there needs to be a consistent and unique ‘brand’ personality and voice that the reader can recognize and ultimately identify with.  I certainly bring my personality to each and every post, but I want to share my purpose and use that purpose to help differentiate the Talking Meals message.

One of my very first posts on Talking Meals was entitled, GRATITUDE.  This was back in July.  Since then, I have been so focused on getting content out in the form of recipes.  Recipes are so incredibly important, but it’s time to get back to the basics, starting with Gratitude!

Today, I am grateful for forgetting to renew my passport (expired back in November!), not realizing until 3 weeks prior to our upcoming trip outside of country, then making a mistake on my expedited passport renewal check and having to run to fedex with a new check and pay for overnight shipping again.  Why???  Because at first I screamed that I’m an idiot and that I f*$%’ everything up.  But then I prayed as I ran to fedex for guidance and meaning behind this and was hit with inspiration for Talking Meals.  I’m not a f-up!  I’m human and I’m balancing a lot of sh*t!  But everything happens for a reason and if I have trouble remembering that, remembering to love myself through the good, the bad, and the ugly, then I bet others do to!  Talking Meals isn’t just about Talking Meals, it’s about Talking Gratitude, Talking Forgiveness, Talking Patience, Talking Silliness, Talking Family, Talking Love.  I remembered my purpose and was struck with Gratitude.

From here on out, I promise to consistently bring you a little bit more with each recipe to remind us all to talk meals, but to also talk about more 🙂

BTW, I am also grateful that we had a beautiful sunny Saturday morning for skiing lessons!


Have a great day my fellow foodie friends!

🙂 Carrie 🙂

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