You are a SUPER-MOM!!!!

If no one told you this yet today, YOU are a SUPER-MOM!  Did you know that?  Do you believe it?  Sometimes I believe it, but most times it’s not my go-to thought.  Usually, my expectations on myself are too high and I am juggling so much that I forget to give myself a break.  In any given week, how many of these things do you take care of?

  • Going to work
  • Doing Homework with the kids
  • Helping friends
  • Helping parents/other family
  • Scheduling/going on play dates
  • Taking kids to after school activities
  • Making weekend plans
  • Grocery shopping
  • Planning lunches and dinners
  • Making kids doctor/dentist appointment
  • Buying clothes that fit for next season
  • The list goes on…I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface…

Too often we forget how amazing we are and what an amazing job we are doing at all that we tackle. We need to be reminded, but not always by others, because let’s face it, people are wrapped up in their own stuff.  We need to remind ourselves overtly or subtly every day how super we truly are.

The past 2 weeks for me have been CRAZY planning and preparing for 2 birthday parties on the weekend for my girls, having a 9-year-old Sleepover (that is a post of its own!), getting ears pierced, getting to the school for classroom birthday celebrations, getting to evening obligations (Girls Leadership Workshop for example), and more.  Oh and managing my FT job during the day and Talking Meals at nights.  It’s a lot and juggling all of these things can leave me feeling frazzled, like I’m not doing each very well.  But if you ask my daughter, as long as I look at her when we are talking and not my phone, she will say I’m doing a perfect job. 🙂

One thing that makes us super, is not being able to tackle everything ourselves, but being able to delegate whenever needed.  We are super in our abilities to recognize our limits!  If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it’s likely that this is an area that you need to take a look at. Do you need to hire someone to clean your house?  Do you need to ask a friend to take the kids on a playdate so you can get some work done?  Do you need to hire a babysitter to pick up the kids from school a couple times per week.  Do you need your husband to do x, y, or z around the house?  Figure out what items continue to get pushed to the bottom of your priority list but yet seem to give you the most guilt or stress because they never get done.  Then DELEGATE those things!

For me this year, I delegated the Birthday Party venues for my 2 girls.  They are turning 9 and 6 ten days apart. Last year, I was able to have the parties at the house, order all of the party supplies, make food, decorate, etc.  This year, with the addition of to my life, I just didn’t have that kind of time to have the parties at my house.  Therefore, I found 2 amazing and affordable locations.  The first, I have to share about because it is a fell foodie entrepreneur, Super-Mom, and I was so impressed with what she has accomplished!  Her name is Rene Gonzales and she is the Owner of Bambino Chef in Jersey City, NJ. This is a kids cooking school and event space. I found it online when specifically looking for cooking parties near me and it got such great reviews and offered the perfect party packages, that I booked it immediately.  The venue itself was colourful, charming, fun, and engaging.  You cannot help be feel happy when you walk in!

The staff were are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful with the kids. On the cooking Menu, which we could select specific for Daniela: Chocolate Shortbread Cookies cut out into Heart shapes and then decorated by the kids with frosting and decorative candy sprinkles and edible beads. So cute! The kids were all very involved with making the cookie dough and cutting/decorating their own cookies. Rene also infused some education about the ingredients, which was great.  We all loved our experience at Bambino Chef!  Thank you, Super-Mom, Rene!

This is a great example of delegating! I didn’t have to clean, set up my house, buy party activities, etc. It was all taken care of and then we just left! Amazing!

So, today I have only one request of you.  Today, please remember you are incredible, amazing, and truly a SUPER-MOM.

Have a great day!  And if you have any more words of support and encouragement to share, please leave a comment 🙂


3 thoughts on “You are a SUPER-MOM!!!!

  1. This is so lovely! We are absolutely in love with this post. Thank you for your beyond kind words. We cherish our families and are proud to take part in helping to build those precious memories. We hope to see you and Daniela soon in kitchen! Love, Bambino Chef Crew

  2. This is so lovely! We are absolutely in love with this post. Thank you for your beyond kind words. We cherish our families and are proud to take part in helping to build those precious memories. We hope to see you and Daniela soon in our kitchen! Love, Bambino Chef Crew

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