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Hi there!  Whether it’s cooking at home for your family or starting your own blog, we all need help and support some of the time – in my case, I lot of the time!  I used to think that I could figure everything out on my own, but when I finally started reaching out for support and help, that’s when I really started to grow, both personally and professionally.
Here are some of the amazing resources that have made the biggest impact for me in my kitchen and in my blog.  I know they can help you too!
Quick note! This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase from them. This commission is what helps me keep this blog afloat :). But, I also share these links because I have used the products, genuinely love them, and want you to know exactly what I used.



  • Check out the SHOP page for some of my most prized kitchen gadgets and tools!  On this page you will find kitchen tools, storage solutions, kids cooking tools, and appliances that I cannot live without!  Here are my top 2 Faves:
    1. The Cuisinart Mini Food Processor is my good-to gadget in the kitchen.  I use it practically everyday either in a recipe or for making snacks, such as my super simple hummus with only chickpeas, olive oil, and a little garlic.

    2. Using an Olive Oil Sprayer is amazing!  You can coating a pan with oil using much less and getting an even distribution without having to brush it around.  Store-bough aerosols contain chemicals and toxins, but this Sonica Organics Oil Sprayer sprays out exactly what you put into it, so you can feel good about what you are putting on your food.  I absolutely love this sprayer!

Sonica Organics Oil Sprayer allows you to use less oil by spraying it in an even and wide dispersion on pans, pots, or on food. It sprays out only what you put in, no added chemicals or toxins, or propellants as the store-bought aerosols have!


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I'm a member of Food Blogger Pro. Learn how to start and grow your food blog.


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  • Food Blogger Pro (FBP) is a community and amazing resource for food bloggers, but also great for all new bloggers.
    • There are training videos in over a dozen different categories ranging from building, hosting, and launching your website from the ground up, creating content and recipes, photography, videos, social media, driving traffic, monetizing your blog, SEO, and so much more.  When I first joined FBP, I binged watched as many of their training videos as possible in the first weekend.
    • The Blog & Podcast provide weekly updates, trends, expertise, tips, guidance that is simply invaluable.  If I am not continually learning, then I find myself in a rut and often, I hear EXACTLY what I needed to hear to motivate me or answer a question that I had been facing!
    • FBP has a community of AMAZING bloggers that support one another.  I 100% know that if I have a question or need advice, there is another blogger that will jump in to support and help me if I just ask.
    • There are also downloadable ebooks and other worksheets and checklists, such as the SEO Checklist.
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Melyssa Griffin, The Nectar Collective  

The Nectar Collective helps bloggers and creative entrepreneurs stand out online and grow their income.

  • Melyssa has so many wonderful resources for new bloggers to help them start and grow their online business.  I have joined the BLOG TO BIZ BOOTCAMP, as well as leveraged so many FREE resources simply by joining the email list to get access.
  • There is also a really great Facebook Community with like-minded New Bloggers looking to drive growth for their online business, so I highly recommend to check it out!