A Recent Pinterest Convert – I love it!

Before I begin, let me say that I am not an affiliate with Pinterest and will not earn any commission associated with any action that you may take toward setting up a Pinterest account as a result of this post.  These are truly my opinions and because I was so surprised by how much I love Pinterest, I wanted to share the experience with you.  I do, however, have an interest in having you FOLLOW ME on Pinterest, so there is a self-serving motive here, but it’s all in the name of connecting – connecting me to you and you to me 🙂

My name is Carrie. I’m 43 years old.  And I just joined Pinterest 4 months ago.  Am I a social media loser?  Perhaps.  In my defense; however, this was an intentional boycott, not complete ignorance.  I looked at all of those people with 20+ boards pinning images all over the place as suckers – people sucked into another social media vortex.  I made the assumption that Pinterest was only for women planning weddings or those people that were redesigning a room in their house.  The truth is, I was ignorant.  I never bothered to see what all of the fuss was about.  Sure, Pinterest is for women planning their wedding or for those redesigning their house.  But, it’s also for food inspiration, travel inspiration, entertaining, style, beauty, health, spiritual, recovery, job, and general LIFE inspiration.

I am here to report…I am a Pinterest Convert!  And…I am determined to make up for lost time.

I have heard about this from other people too…this strange resistance to Pinterest, this denial that it can be a meaningful addition to your life, that it could be interesting or fun.  But, seriously, it is!  I had no idea!!

The reason I checked out Pinterest, I have to confess, was because of www.TalkingMeals.com.  I was hearing about how important it was for recipe developers that want to reach people and how great it was for people looking for recipe ideas.  I was skeptical though, as I thought that searching on google was just fine for me.  However, I tried it.  I created an account and at first it was solely for posting my recipes.  But soon, I found myself searching for Kids craft projects, personal inspiration, and most recently, New-Years-Eve-with-kids ideas.

Here are the leading reasons that I now Love Pinterest….

First, I love the amazing organization that you get with Pinterest!!  This is perfect for a Type-A personality, such as mine.  It’s even more perfect for those that are not easily organized, because it is so easy to do with Pinterest.  I can create very specific (or general) boards for whatever I want and then pin ideas, images, etc. related to those board topics.  I can have 20 different Recipe boards if I want, each getting as specific as I want, such as Chicken Dinner Recipes.  I am so sad to say that prior to Pinterest, this type of organization was through folders on my computer and I had to download recipes in varying formats and save them in the folder.  Now, I can simply save the recipe pins, then browse through them when I’m ready to cook to find one that I wanted to try, click on the link, and get cooking!

Second, I love that I have these go-to motivation and inspiration boards to help pick me up or get me going whenever I need a push.  The most surprising one for me was my “Hope, Being Grateful, & Letting Go” board.  I struggle with a Comparing condition and a Holding-onto-Resentments disease.  Having small reminders to be grateful for what I have, maintaining hope, and letting go of the small stuff (and big stuff when it keeps me from growing) is so important.  I love going to this board and reading through a few pins.  I also love that similar pins show up in my feed, so I have constant inspiration flowing in.

Third, I love looking at other people’s boards to see what inspires them so that I can continually expand my horizons.  I can get travel ideas, makeup ideas, and more.

Fourth, I love the sharing of food.  People from all cooking backgrounds and levels share their experiences with food.  You have recipe developers pinning recipes and home cooks sharing when they have tried those recipes.  And, anyone can be an “expert” to follow.  A home cook that is just learning to cook can create enough boards with enough posts, that she is now someone that others may want to follow simply because of her organized recipe boards.

So…I urge you to check out Pinterest!!  Create some boards that will inspire you!

And of course, PLEASE FOLLOW ME, as I would love to connect with you so that you continually get my new recipes to pin on your boards for cooking later.


Carrie, Talking Meals



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