Taking a Food Blog from Side Hustle to Full-Time Business

Hi there!  Welcome to the first post in a new series documenting my 6 MONTH CHALLENGE journey of taking my blog, Talking Meals from side-hustle to full-time business.  In this new series, which you can find under the ABOUT tab in the Menu, I will add a new post every week and share my journey with building Talking Meals into an income-earning business, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here are the types of things that I plan to share each week:

  • My experience – what I did, what was successful, what failed
  • Anything new I learn as I build my blog related to strategy, branding, content, website Backend, community, relationships, social media, SEO, etc.
  • Challenges or issues that I encounter along the way
  • What I have done to promote and drive traffic to my blog, including Social Media, SEO, etc.
  • Traffic & Income reporting



I started www.talkingmeals.com last year in late July 2017 to follow my passion of cooking and food.  It was – and still is – a way for me to support, inspire, & EMPOWER busy Moms & Dads to cook more easy, fun, balanced, nourishing, delicious meal for themselves and for theirs families.

This is important to me because I believe that when friends and families cook and eat together they talk together and laugh together, and grow closer together.

I always hoped that one day I could dedicate 100% of my career life to Talking Meals, but I assumed that would be off in the distance and until then, I would maintain my corporate day job – and income!

Well, the universe had other plans and following some organizational changes, my corporate position moved to the UK and because I could not move with it, on April 27, I left.

The Challenge

After some soul searching and discussions with my husband, we both agreed that I would take 6 months to work on Talking Meals full-time to show that I could both grow my following and monetize it to the point where it would replace 80% of my current monthly salary (giving myself credits for removing hefty expenses that were related to holding a corporate job – nanny, commuting, etc.).

Since April 28, 2018, (2 weeks ago), I have been officially be working full-time on Talking Meals!  I’m both thrilled and scared AF, haha!


Well, this was just the introduction, but please click here for the first Talking Meals 6 Month Challenge update – WEEK 2.

You can also check out my Resources Page for a list of some of the resources that I use for my blog!

THANK YOU in advance for following along and please please please leave me comments on the posts or send me emails if you have anything to say at all, whether that is questions for me, tips, your experience, etc.!!


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