Food for Thought: Do Over!

Sometimes you just need a DO OVER.  We all get frustrated at times when things do not go as planned.  When I am experimenting with recipes, things frequently do not go as planned and I simply start again – do over.  When my girls were little (I still consider my 5-yr old little), it seemed so simple and obvious.  If you mess up the picture, just turn it into something else or do it over.  But with Daniela, my 8 year old, I forget that often.  With myself?  I forget that a ton!  My reaction instead can be impatience, frustration, even anger and that can take over and be hurtful to others and to myself.  But it is all within my control!

This week, we were in Mexico on vacation – Dave, the girls, and me.  It was this amazing location, days of swimming, adventures, eating, laughing.

Daniela, 8-going-on-16, has a habit of, hmmm how do I say this delicately, being demanding and a bit selfish.  If things do not go exactly her way, she lashes out with a mean comment,  gets very upset and even cries.  It got to a point half way through the vacation where my husband, Dave, and I were at our breaking point and started getting angry with her.  Her frustration + our angry reaction = meltdown!  I quickly turned to the internet for some fast inspiration and typed in… “patience with kids on vacation”.  One of the first things that popped up was this idea of a do over.  Instead of reacting, simply say, ok, lets have a DO OVER..what might be the nicer way to say that?  What would be a better way to ask?  What would be a kinder way to treat your sister?  To my surprise, it worked!!!  Daniela quickly reframed and would talk to us in a kind way and this happened over and over.  Instead of a melt down, she was learning.  I was simply amazed!

But a Do Over is important to remember for all things in your life, not just for an 8-yr-old temper tantrum.  When I snap at my husband, I can say do over, apologize, and articulate my point in a kinder way – or many times, my point is not really a necessary point to make to begin with, it is more my ego.  Do Over is for bigger things too.  I have spent much of my life in a career that I now know is not my true calling, it’s not my purpose nor will it be my legacy.  I can be sad, say that I’ve wasted the years, but now I’m stuck so I’ll make the best of it…. OR, I can say DO OVER!  I chose do over and Talking Meals was born.

We all make big and small mistakes, its how we grow stronger.  Please remember to embrace the mistakes along with the successes and whenever you need to, just say DO OVER!

Have a beautiful day!

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