Fully-Prepped Dinner Delivery FAQs

Cooked Lemon Dill Sauce Chicken and Asparagus in pan on stove. It has chicken in a light and creamy sauce flavored with garlic, lemon and fresh dill. It's loaded with fresh asparagus. #springrecipes #dinner #easydinner #healthydinner #lemon #asparagus #chicken #glutenfree #easyrecipes
Slow Cooker Pork Tacos with with Pickled Onions, Shredded Cheese, and Cilantro Lime Crema drizzled on top!  It's such an easy dinner since the pork cooks in the slow cooker to be perfectly seasoned and fall apart tender. #tacos #easydinner #glutenfree #dinner #mexican #pork
Chicken and Cherry Tomato Pasta with basil and parmesan on a plate with skillet in back. It's easy and so delicious! #pasta #tomatoes #easydinner #dinner #easyrecipes #healthydinner #chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a fully prepped dinner delivery subscription.  That means you get a family dinner fully prepared and ready to cook.  Each week 2 or 3 dinners (depending on your selection) are delivered to your door at your preferred delivery day and time.  Time slots are 1 hour windows.  As a subscription, you will continued to be charged weekly and dinners will continue to deliver weekly until you either PAUSE a week or CANCEL the service subscription.

Fully Prepped means that all ingredients for the meal are cleaned, chopped, diced.  Some ingredients, such as sauces and marinades may also be mixed and ready to add to the dinner.  Meats will be marinated so that they are ready to cook.  Some dishes may be easier to deliver fully mixed and simply go into the oven or skillet for cooking.  In any case, all you need to do is cook!  This saves you tons of time and stress!!

  • Ingredients – all are supplied, except Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, and water.
  • Equipment – all recipes will have instructions using basic large skillets, sheet pans, pasta pots, large soup pots.
  • Review the menu in advance and if there is ever something you will need, just notify me and I can supply it for that week!

Yes, I will do my best to accommodate all allergies, but will always confirm in advance.  Simply email me with any specific allergy concerns at  Carrie@talkingmeals.com

Simply email me at  Carrie@talkingmeals.com or Click the PAUSE Option in the Delivery Schedule link in your Menu Email by the Thursday before your next week’s delivery.  You will get the menu by email every Sunday and have 4 days (until Thursday) to let me know if you need to Pause that menu.  On Wednesday, I will send out reminder emails!   If you notify me on Friday, I will do my best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee it.

The Price is based on the plan you select. Here is how they break down (note, sales tax is included)…

  • 2 Family Dinners/Week, each dinner 4 servings = $78.90 ($9.86 per serving).
  • 3 Family Dinners/Week, each dinner 4 servings = $117.29 ($9.77 per serving).
  • 2 Family Dinners/Week, each dinner 8 Servings = $149.28 ($9.33 per serving)
  • 3 Family Dinners/Week, each dinner 8 Servings = $213.25 ($8.89 per serving)

Yes!  You will need to first Unsubscribe to cancel your current subscription Option.  Then go to the Subscribe page and select your new Preference for # of Meals and Servings.  To Unsubscribe, simply click here.

All meals should be cooked or frozen within 5 days of receiving.  Individual ingredients will have expiration dates on the labels.

Each meal is different and may or may not have ingredients that freeze nicely.  If there is a specific meal you want or need to freeze, please just shoot me an email so I can give you advice.  Carrie@TalkingMeals.com

Not all of the ingredients are organic.  My goal is to provide you fresh, real ingredients in healthy and balanced fully prepared recipes.  Any ingredients that are organic, which be labeled as such on the packaging.

Currently, the packaging is a combination of vacuum sealed bags and reusable plastic containers.  I encourage you to return the  reusable containers to me and I will clean/sanitize and use again.  My goal is to continue to evolve the packaging to be more environmentally friendly.  Please just shoot me an email if you would like to discuss at  Carrie@talkingmeals.com

I am so sorry to see you go!  If there is anything you need please let me know.  If you still want to cancel, you just need to click the Unsubscribe Button here.

I will definitely try to accommodate!  Please just shoot me an email:  Carrie@TalkingMeals.com


Email Carrie@TalkingMeals.com to schedule your first delivery, receive weekly menus, and answer any questions.